Talk to Me!! More LifeThoughts

Talk to Me!! More Life

More Life. Drake’s new album just dropped yesterday. I’m a huge Drake fan and I definitely wanna know how you guys feel about it. I have some mixed feelings. But please drop your opinions below…

Create. Read. RepeatThoughts

Create. Read. Repeat

This post is for all you creatives out there: If you call yourself a creative, all you really should be doing is brainstorming new ideasĀ and manifesting those ideas by putting in the work. Everything else…

The City is MineStyle

The City is Mine

Another pic from the city. Let me know what you guys think! This was taking with an iPhone by the way.

Strawberry MilkStyle

Strawberry Milk

Peep the boots guys. What guy you know out here wearing pink shoes?! I’ll wait….

King of EverythingStyle

King of Everything

Need I say more? Photo Cred: Kyle Schmidt

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